Hvelplund Watches & Jewellery

Hvelplund the story begins in 1971, when Erik Hvelplund, founded his first store at the Hotel Sheraton – present Scandic hotel – over of the Lakes in Copenhagen.

Erik has trained as a watchmaker in Denmark and completed his education with several awards, e.g. watchmaker of the year in 1959. His abilities brought him to the renowned Beyer in Zurich, and then to the well-known watch - and gems store Garretts in London, where Erik, among other things was in charge of the renovation and repair of watches belonging to the English royal family.

It was during his time with the Garretts that Erik met Alan Banbery – an acquaintance, who was to be of great importance for Hvelplunds shops today. The same Banbery was employed as the owner of Patek Philippe, and it was through him that Erik came in contact with the Stern family, who is the owner of Patek Philippe.

Henry Stern, was Danish married and therefore came over Erik's store, when he was in Denmark, and was thus able to see with our own eyes what it was Banbery referred to when he spoke of his Danish friend Erik. Banberys reference and the personal visit made, to Erik Hvelplund in 1975 could write the authorized Patek Philippe dealer on her business card.

The next generation – Erik's son, Paul Hvelplund, graduated cand. merc. in economics and business administration and management, and further gemmolog trained in Germany in both diamonds and colored stones. It is, therefore, competent forces, who are behind the helm of Hvelplunds store in Copenhagen.

The store on the main shopping street is today the only, after hotel store and Vesterbrogade was closed due to long-lasting alterations. Last Vimmelskaftet closed in connection with the man gathers it all into a much larger shop on the east Street.

The present store has a very competent workshop under the leadership of one of Denmark's best watchmakers. ”With the vast majority of watchmaker consists workshop a workbench in a dark room”, says Mads Jørgensen from its place in the Hvelplunds cutting-edge workshop bl.a. have a special ventilation system that keeps his workplace, completely dust-free. ”We are far ahead, here is no lack of anything,” he continues, in a white coat with both razor-sharp pressefolder and Patek Philippe logo on the chest. That felt not very back room of Hvelplunds workshop, when automatic glass doors open and close every time the daily repairs lands on his high table.

Patek Philippe has strict requirements for their authorized workshops around the world, and it is therefore their technical department, which has defined how Hvelplunds workshop is built up.

His age notwithstanding, Mads Jørgensen achieved very impressive, since he was finished as a watchmaker in 2001 – by far the most he has learned since he was employed by Hvelplund in 2006. Mads Jørgensen is, however, no longer just watchmaker, but certified watchmaker, as proven by the many framed diplomas behind him. There are professional foreign courses, which extends over weeks and sometimes months. Mads receive on these courses concentrated training from the most competent watchmakers from both Patek Philippe, OMEGA, and Breitling. These courses are conducted at increasing levels, that gives Hvelplund the right to serve more and more complicated watches, for example, has Mads allowed to make a full inspection and service of both a Breitling with skudårskalender and IWC with the perpetual calendar.

The rare destinations in the store is not only a luxury for the customers and Hvelplunds employees. It is also a necessity when you treat some of the world's finest watch brands. You said in his time that noblesse oblige – you could say the same about certain watch brands, Hvelplunds in particular.