Hvelplund provides 2 years warranty on all watches and jewelry – of course, under the condition of normal use. Thus, the warranty does not cover damage to glass and the crown by watches as a result of a fall or loss – just like the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the wrist straps.
Some manufacturers offer a longer warranty.

Omega provides five-year international warranty on their watches, which are purchased after 1. July 2018. Read more about the omega's warranty here.

Victorinox offers a three year warranty on all of their watches.

Breitling offers a five-year warranty on their in-house-works – however, under the condition that a water resistance tests is performed after two and four years.

Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoulte and IWC offers a 6 year extended warranty, if you signs up for their "Care program". This is of course something we can help with in our store.

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